Friday, December 05, 2008

Is this photo composed? Notice the ticket books placed symmetrically, and the, what is that, the menu? Or is it a textbook? Anyway, notice how the book passes through the "vaginal" opening created by the ticket books, and how the lines of the book create a parallel lane, down the end of which is you, drawing the eye to your face, which is not only at the center of the photo, but which is also at the end of the triangle created by the table. Also, the woman in the photo at the table with you is leaning in in a subtle position of submission to either show that she draws power from you like water from a well, or that she is your servant, and quite happy to be so.

You must have had only a few seconds or minutes to put all this together before the picture was taken. You are very crafty. Kudos.

Question: What is the significance of the kitchen window being precisely over your head? Is that an otherworldly reference? Does it allude to your obvious spiritual superiority?